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Dental course


  • How do I access CPD
    You will be able to access the CPD quiz and feedback section shortly. Please look out for email updates on when this will be released.
  • What do I receive when I purchase a class?
    Upon purchasing a class you will receive a book which can be used alongside the online videos to take you step by step through a procedure. Each class contains both evidence based slides and video content on live patients explaining the latest techniques and to act as a quick reference and guide when performing the procedures yourself.
  • What if I get stuck or have a question during the class?
    We are building an onsite area with each slide/video in which users can make notes and store these for quick reference in their personal dashboard. There will also be a question area which shows frequently asked questions for each slide & one of our team will aim to respond and help with your question within 24 hours. Until this is released, please feel free to message us via our onsite instant messenger, via Instagram or on our email at
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