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Dr George Cheetham


E.max George Finakl

Thank you for trialing the class! Please complete the feedback form below to qualify for verifiable CPD. Feel free to check out our other classes and don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to know when the latest classes are out!


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Reflective Learning Feedback 

Thank you for taking the Composite Veneer course, we hope that you enjoyed it! in order
for us to provide you with your verifiable CPD certificate, please take a moment to complete the form below

The aim of reflections is to think about the outcomes of CPD activities. Reflection is an individual procress and you should reflect in a way that suits you best.

You can use this Reflective Feedback form to guide you through some reflective questions after each CPD course. The GDC is not prescriptive on how you carry out your reflective learning but we feel that the best time to relect is after the CPD training you have just undertaken. The GDC requites the following procedure:

  • Review your activity

  • reflect on impact on your daily practice and patients

  • make a record of your reflection

  • adjust PDP as needed 


Thanks for submitting! Your Free CPD will be emailed to you shortly

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